What I Found at BEA! Part IV

The Man Overboard:  How a Merchant Marine Officer Survived the Raging Storm of Alcoholism and Drug Addiction by Darryl Hagar,  $29.95, www.themanoverboard.com

What if Don’t Call Me a Crook!‘s Bob Moore found God and got his life together?  It might be like The Man Overboard:

The Man Overboard is the dramatic story of Darryl Hagar, a twenty-five year veteran of the Merchant Marine.  This  “drunken sailor” was charged with the daunting responsibility of safely navigating 900-foot supertankers through the dangerous and unpredictable oceans of the world, including refueling the U.S. Navy during the Iran-Iraq War in the 1980s and again during the Persian Gulf War in 1990-91–all the while living a double life.  Within a professional life of discipline and order, Darry led a clandestine, chaotic existence of alcoholism, drug abuse, and crime.

Hagar also has a The Man Overboard comic series.  The drawings are very detailed and add to the sense of horror of Hagar’s once out-of-control life.  As he says in the comic’s intro:

Some of the stories contained are funny, some are sad, and indeed some are very disturbing. . .   much like life itself.

And much like Don’t Call Me a Crook!  I’m looking forward to reading this.  I expect it’ll give me some new insight into sailors’ lives, and why they’re so often drunken.

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