Where Old Ships Go to Die!

I’ve got to believe that Bob Moore, marine engineer and author of Don’t Call Me a Crook! A Scotsman’s Tale of World Travel, Whisky, and Crime, would find Jan Smith’s photographs of abandoned ships in Mauritania’s Nouadhibou Bay both fascinating and horrifying.  They’d no doubt remind him of his ill-fated stints on a yacht on Long Island Sound, a river boat carrying kerosene along the Yangtze, and the cruise ship s.s. Vestris.

Like Dissident Books’ beloved Glaswegian, Mr. Smith is quite an adventurer and risk-taker.  From MSN’s Good:

When Smith attempted to venture into Mauritania in 2008, he encountered no shortage of struggle. “I was turned away at the border, slept in a mine field, and was accused of espionage. No one believed I would travel to the remoteness of Nouadhibou to simply take pictures of rotting ships.”

Well, whatever Bob might or might not of thought, I love the pictures.  To my eyes these vast behemoths are dead dinosaurs, rotting in a primordial lake.

Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!



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